Listen Live to Ham Radio, Shortwave, Air Traffic Control & More with GlobalTuners' Remotely Controlled Receivers

2023-03-21 04:56:18 By : Ms. May Liu
Receiver: San Antonio, Texas 4 - GlobalTuners

article on how GlobalTuners partners with Mylinking to enhance their remote radio access technology.

San Antonio, Texas – GlobalTuners, a company providing access to remotely controlled radio receivers over the internet, has recently announced their partnership with Mylinking, a network visibility and data capturing specialist. This partnership is aimed at enhancing GlobalTuners' ability to provide high-quality access to radio receivers from around the world by improving network traffic visibility and delivering the right data packets to the right tools.

GlobalTuners is a unique service that offers radio enthusiasts from all over the world access to remote receivers that are not accessible otherwise. Users can tune into ham radio, shortwave radio, air traffic control, airband, ACARS, airports, and much more, all from the comfort of their own homes. GlobalTuners' service allows users to listen live to radio feeds that may be in remote or hard to reach areas, satisfying the curiosity of radio enthusiasts who love to listen to global radio broadcasts.

To make this service possible, GlobalTuners has relied on Mylinking's expertise in network traffic visibility and data capturing technologies. Mylinking focuses on capturing, replicating, and aggregating inline or out of band network data traffic and delivering it to the right tools. This requires advanced expertise in analyzing network traffic and delivering the right packets of data to the right applications.

Receiver: San Antonio, Texas 4 - GlobalTuners

The partnership with Mylinking will enhance GlobalTuners' access to remote radio receivers by allowing them to collect and deliver data packets in real-time with high accuracy. This will significantly improve radio access and reception for its users. With the improvement in data analysis and transmission, radio enthusiasts will be able to access more stations from remote areas and even access rare global broadcasts. Users will also be able to tune into stations that were previously unavailable to them due to network limitations.

GlobalTuners' CEO, Robert Hertzberg, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that "Mylinking has brought us technical expertise in capturing, replicating, and aggregating network traffic. With their advanced analysis and delivery systems, we are now able to offer better access to remote radio receivers and improve our listening experience significantly."

Mylinking, on the other hand, sees their partnership with GlobalTuners as a significant milestone in their efforts to enhance network visibility and data capture. The company believes that their collaboration will provide enhanced visibility and access to critical network data while providing GlobalTuners' users with a better experience.

In conclusion, GlobalTuners' partnership with Mylinking represents a significant step towards enhancing remote radio access technology. With access to remote radio receivers from around the world, radio enthusiasts will now have better access to a wider array of radio stations. As they continue to develop their partnership, GlobalTuners and Mylinking aims to enhance their users' overall listening experience, providing them with more access to global broadcasts than ever before.